Proof Research

Aerospace / Defense

Our Montana facility produces the world’s finest composite barrels, stocks, and complete rifles. Our Ohio division utilizes novel aerospace materials, design concepts and manufacturing methodologies to create solutions for demanding high-temperature aerospace and defense projects – including the F-35 Strike Fighter and B2 Stealth Bomber. Our portfolio of products includes next-generation prepregs, resins, adhesives and composite materials with service temperatures up to 1500° F.

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The Summit is our lightest precision hunting platform. Designed to meet the challenges of hunting big game in high country, it’s a precisely engineered trophy-harvesting machine that couples reduced weight with durability and long-range accuracy to impress even the most veteran shooter. This is the pack-friendly rifle designed for the extreme hunter who likes to go farther and hit harder without compromising performance.

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Designed to meet the challenges of the long-range hunter, the Terminus possesses the core qualities of a professional sniper’s rifle—extreme accuracy, consistency, rigidity, and durability—but with significantly reduced weight and ergonomics optimized for hunting. Easy to carry, terminally accurate at extreme ranges, and more than rugged enough for the rigors of high-country hunting, the Terminus is the ultimate long-range hunting platform.

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Tac II

The ultimate long-range precision tactical system for combat or competition. Features include an adjustable cheek piece, a near vertical grip and a low-profile forearm. By combining our patented carbon fiber barrel with our hand-laid carbon fiber/Kevlar® composite stock, we’ve created an incredible shooting system that weighs a fraction of traditional tactical rifles while compromising nothing. There is simply no better solution for those who actually have to carry their rifle before they shoot it.

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From varminting to big-game to long-range precision, SWITCH has you covered. Barrel changes in a few minutes with hand tools. Light enough for all day carry. Engineered for consistent long-range accuracy. Offered in five cartridges with additional barrels available in most short-action calibers. It’s like a safe full of custom rifles rolled into one.

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At PROOF Research™ we’re redefining the future of firearms by employing next-generation materials and novel manufacturing processes to create state-of-the-art carbon fiber barrels that are changing the industry standard for accuracy, durability and barrel longevity. Our patented manufacturing process utilizes aircraft-grade carbon fiber in conjunction with high-temperature aerospace resins to produce a truly game-changing product.

Our carbon fiber barrels are up to 64% lighter than traditional steel barrels of similar contour, are match-grade accurate and experience no point-of-impact shift during high-volume fire.

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